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Jennifer Riefenberg

Jennifer enjoys teaching, including skills and the pure love and joys of art and creativity, and is active at national, regional, and local seminars.  Jennifer holds Teaching and Judges certifications through National Academy of Needlearts (NAN) and serves on the board of NAN as the Assistant Director of Judging.



Chili Peppers | 1-Day Class | Sunday, May 17

The bounty of the warm months brings us food for the twelve months – and a veggie to stitch for each. This is an intermediate level class for the plant/bush foods in the series of painted canvases, Chili Peppers. Play with an assortment of fun and unique stitches while learning and understanding working with color to enhance and improve on the painted canvas. Experience a wonderful assortment of threads.

Enjoy your Veggies!

Kit contents:

Printed instructions, hand painted 18 count mono canvas 8" x 8" (finished size 4" square approximately), large assortment of threads

Student provides:

Stretcher bars and tacks/staples along with usual personal supplies including scissors, lighting and magnification.


Pumpkin Patch | 2-Day Class | Friday, May 15 - Saturday, May 16

Autumn flashes its warm smiles of color in the Pumpkin Patch. A sampler of stitches creates the verdant earth on which the pumpkins sit in anticipation of harvest. Learn about color harmonies, in this intermediate level class, as you experience many threads and stitches and practice techniques on the canvas. Learn about using fun yarns as an embellishment to your pumpkins as you create your own unique vines.

Kit contents:

Ivory 18 count Mono Canvas 10" x 12", beads, large assortment of threads in cotton, wool and silk.

Student provides:

Frame and tacks or stretcher bars along with usual personal supplies including scissors, lighting and magnification.



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