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Canby Robertson

Canby Robertson has been designing and teaching embroidery, painting and calligraphy for over thirty years. She has a degree in fine art/art history and is an EGA Master Craftsman in crewel embroidery.


Lettering | 1-Day Class | Sunday, May 17

Are you frustrated when the name on your finished surface embroidery detracts from the stitching that surrounds it? This class will provide you with a method to use existing alphabets to personalize your finished pieces in a professional way. The finished sample might be used as a name tag or used in a quilt block.

Kit contents:

Ground fabric, silk thread, photo, non-copyright alphabets, stitch direction chart, needles, instruction booklet and tracing paper.

Student provides:

Ultra-fine point black marker, glue stick, 4" or 5" hoop, paper scissors and usual personal supplies including lighting and magnification.

For the Orts in Your Life | 2-Day Class | Friday, May 15 - Saturday, May 16

Explore 17th Century last phase English blackwork, a surface embroidery, influenced by the advent of the printing press and the availability of books with pictures, blackwork evolved from counted work into a surface embroidery technique that replicated in thread the linear quality and shading of early printed illustrations. This compact folding six-sided box is ideal for travel. Include your expired hotel room key in its construction as a memento of your seminar experience.

Kit contents:

Linen with transfer, Silk threads, gold tambour thread, spangles, silk spool thread, perlé cotton, iron-on Pellon, quilt bat, Steam-A-Seam bonding tape, mat board, needles, instruction booklet.

Student provides:

5" hoop, smooth jaw pliers, 1 bottle Krazy Glue, plastic sandwich container with lid and usual personal supplies including lighting and magnification. Prior to class, students need to have a working knowledge of outline, seed, blanket, running, reverse/double running stitches.


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